EDM Kit – What’s in the box

The Electronic Data Measuring (EDM) kit we supply is made up of 3 items:


The Orange Box

The Toolbox

To place Geodimeter on.

a) Geodimeter, with trimble attached.
b) Power cable for battery to Geodimeter

a) Power unit
This can be made up of various types which have 1, 2 or 3 batteries.
b) Battery charger
c) 1 or 2 reflector prism kits (normally 2)
d) Selection of spikes
e) Spider unit (used when on solid floors, where the tripod feet
    cannot be pushed into the ground)

Points to remember

  • Charge the batteries before each event
  • If no power when connected to the Geodimeter some batteries have a fuse, 2amp, check this.
  • Power off after each event.
  • If you leave the machines in idle mode or powered off for more that approx. 1.5hrs it will lose its settings and will have to be recalibrated.