Join us on a free Play Day!

Bob and ElainePrecision Athletics are running two more of their popular "Play Days" where officials can get to grips with the EDM equipment in an informal setting.  Practice setting up for throws and both horizontal jumps, enjoy a bacon butty and share ideas with fellow officials!

Next session takes place in Essex on
Sunday 21st February 2016.

Feedback is always extremely posistive and those who attend become more confident in their skills to set up the equipment for summer events, now they have practised in the informal setting of the Precision Athletics premises.  You can read about how a previous session went by clicking here.

"I found the day most informative and the contents will be most helpful in the forthcoming season.  Thank you, Peter and Bob for all your help and hospitality." Henry

"As someone who has only seen the equipment used in the distance, it was very interesting and useful, and having got my head around the geometry concepts, it was surprisingly straight-forward to set up and use.  The ability to "play" without fear or criticism and learn from everybody else was a very pleasant experience, and enabled me to get to grips with the use very quickly.   I will certainly be keen to assist at the meetings I attend when EDM is in use, and in fullness of time when of the suitable grade of official I'll certainly like to get fully qualified." Paul

"It was very useful to be able to set up the kit a couple of times and then take some readings.  I should be able to go straight into using it, if given the chance, in the summer season.  And thank you, especially for the bacon rolls!" Christine

She said, "It's great to get lots of support from experienced EDM officials.  Because I mostly do Photofinish I never get the chance to set one up or use it for the jumps." Lorraine

"It was an extremely valuable experience; setting up in the heat of a competition is an unnecessary pressure.  I was very grateful for the opportunity to become familiar with the setting up process, I would not call myself proficient after just the one session, although I ended the day feeling a lot more confident.  I would recommend the bacon rolls to anybody though!" Richard